InterOcean Manufacturing Survey – November 2013

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InterOcean Advisors LLC is pleased to announce the completion of its annual manufacturing survey.

Here is a breakdown of some of the key findings from the survey:

› Roughly 73% of manufacturers surveyed believe revenues will improve in the next twelve months with 16.4% expecting the increase to be by more than 5%.
› Very few respondents have seen reductions in costs over the past twelve months with only 14.5% seeing declines in raw material costs and 1.8% seeing declines in labor costs.
› M&A activity seems poised to escalate with more than twice as many respondents reporting plans to sell a business in the next twelve months compared to those that sold a business in the last twelve months.
› Nearly 30% of respondents believe entering new markets or producing new products has been their biggest growth driver in the past twelve months.
› Over 70% of respondents experienced no change in the amount of production outsourced in the last twelve months and no respondents indicated

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