Global M&A Network

- Firm & Personnel

Increased M&A interest in Q2 2010 resulted in significant cross-border activity.  As the exclusive North American member of the GEB (Groupement Europeen de Banques) M&A network, InterOcean actively exchanged M&A ideas and opportunities involving an array of industrial businesses.  Our discussions included manufacturers of decorative metal enclosures, electronic test equipment, aluminum die cast parts, metal aerospace components, and heavy truck parts and modules and providers of specialty hauling services.

Our international affiliates are middle market investment banks with business models similar to InterOcean.  Several affiliated investment banks are small boutiques with private ownership focused on their respective geographic regions.  Others are owned by larger financial institutions offering banking, investment advisory, and other financial services.

In all cases, our affiliated group offices are staffed by eight to twenty professionals and offer important perspective and insight to the economic and M&A markets of each country in which they are domiciled.  Moreover, they maintain important relationships with local middle market clients – often clients that are difficult for investment banks located solely in North America to identify and engage in M&A related matters.  As you would expect, GEB members have offices in virtually every Western European country and the UK.  Uniquely, GEB investment banking offices also are located in Croatia, Russia, Hungary, Poland, Turkey, Romania, Belarus, Czech Republic, Brazil, Singapore and Israel.

Quality local support from investment banking firms with similar interests to those of InterOcean and good insight to local markets is a significant advantage we offer our clients who increasingly seek a global perspective and access to solutions.